Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cast List for Willy Wonka!

I wish to thank everyone who auditioned.  I wish it were possible to cast everyone, but alas that was not feasible or realistic.  We would have had 170 people standing shoulder to shoulder with no room to move.  If your name is not on this list and you still wish to be involved, we can always use help backstage.  Otherwise, please come back and audition for our Holiday 2011 show White Christmas or our Winter 2012 show Oliver.

Our first cast meeting will be 6:00pm May 31st at Chaska High School.  For questions, clarifications, or to decline a role please email or call 952 994-4665.

Thank You,

Kelly Jeremiason

Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka - Artistic Director

Chaska Valley Family Theatre

Willy Wonka/Candy Man                                              Thaddeous Gulden

Phineous Trout                                                                 TJ Kegel

Charlie Bucket                                                                   Caleb Richards

Mrs. Bucket                                                                        Emily Stern

Mr. Bucket                                                                          Eric Schnetzer

Grandma Josephine                                                       Paula Atkins

Grandma Georgina                                                         Gloria Cullen

Grandpa George                                                              Ron Roeser

Grandpa Joe                                                                      Charlie Title

Augustus Gloop                                                                                Leo Plante

Mrs. Gloop                                                                         Elizabeth Monarski

Veruca Salt                                                                         Kayla Peters

Mr. Salt                                                                                                Rick McAllister

Mike TeaVee                                                                     Connor Eaton

Ms. TeaVee                                                                        Anne Flemming

Violet Beauregarde                                                         Molly Herzog

Mrs. Beauregarde                                                           Tabitha Kerr

James/Oompa Loompa                                                 Abe Stauber

Matilda/Oompa Loompa                                              Stephanie Callahan

Teens/Oompa Loompas                                                               Katelyn Axelson

                                                                                                McKenzie Beno

                                                                                                Abigail Bjorlin

                                                                                                Alayna Bjorlin

                                                                                                Haylee Hannon

                                                                                                Samson Kirscht

                                                                                                Sophie Lockhart

                                                                                                Courtney Olson

Cooks/Oompa Loompas                                                               Gabrielle Arthur

                                                                                                Brianna Ekstrom

                                                                                                Jesse Grindstaff

                                                                                                Austin Gumbiner

                                                                                                Sophie Keeler

                                                                                                Beret Leone

                                                                                                Katelyn Miller

                                                                                                Hannah Morrissey

                                                                                                Tegan Underdahl

                                                                                                Hannah Weinberg

Squirrels/Townspeople                                                 Gianna Arthur

                                                                                                Josie Axelson

                                                                                                Stella Buselmeier

                                                                                                Mary Grace Linsley

                                                                                                Meredith Linsley

                                                                                                Johnny Monarski

                                                                                                Ben Pratt

                                                                                                Dallin Pratt

                                                                                                Aidan Pratt

                                                                                                Eliana Rimmereide

                                                                                                Isabel VanEyll

                                                                                                Jordan VanEyll

Oompa Loompas                                                              Catie Bieniek

                                                                                                Sydney Bieniek

                                                                                                Emma Gulden

                                                                                                Maggie Heuer

                                                                                                Satori Heuer

                                                                                                Guthrie Horgan

                                                                                                Carson Juell

                                                                                                Kailee Kriegel

                                                                                                Anna Monarski

                                                                                                Shannon Moore

                                                                                                Nikki Peitz

                                                                                                Katelyn Powers

                                                                                                William Pratt

                                                                                                Piers Rimmereide

                                                                                                Josie Ross

                                                                                                Tyler Stroh

                                                                                                Ellie Turk

                                                                                                Grace VanSickle

                                                                                                Payton Vergin

                                                                                                David Wurst

                                                                                                Nathan Wurst

Townspeople                                                                    Kris Axelson

                                                                                                Joann Barber

                                                                                                Jim Bieniek

                                                                                                Bill Coldwell

                                                                                                Cole Dewey

                                                                                                Noah Dewey

                                                                                                Serra Dewey-Vickery

                                                                                                Lori Moore

                                                                                                Lucy Morrissey

                                                                                                Stefany Pratt

                                                                                                Katie Pratt

                                                                                                Arne Rimmereide

                                                                                                Kevin Spencer

                                                                                                Andy Turner

                                                                                                Toni VanEyll

                                                                                                Karen VanSickle

                                                                                                Ron Vickery

Friday, May 6, 2011

CVFT's New Home

For those who don't know, CVFT has a new home!

We've rented a warehouse and meeting space in Chanhassen, but our new home needs a little help. For those who might be interested in donating, here is a list of things we are looking for. Please e-mail us at if you can help out!

Also, for the especially handy willing to donate some time, we are looking for someone with the skills and tools to handle some repair and maintenance projects that include plumbing (toilet, sink repair),electrical (breaker box problem), and floor cleaning (large area):

Shelving and Bookshelves

Library style ladder to push with steps
Sponge Mop

Shop Vac
Papertowels for bathroom Dispensers