Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cast List for Into the Woods!

Dear fellow thespians,

What an amazing week of auditions! I am very pleased to announce the cast
list for Into The Woods.  I am confident that this very talented group will
put together a show that we will all be proud of!

The first meeting of the cast will be Monday at the rehearsal studio,
starting at 6:30.  At that meeting, you will learn more about CVFT, about
each other, about our directing team, and about our schedule.  We'll talk
about strategies for promoting our show and meet our promotion team (who are
very excited to meet you!)

This first meeting will be for the members of the adult cast only -- there
will also be children in the cast, but  the children's meeting will happen
at a later date.

I look forward to seeing all of you again, and to a creative and eventful
rehearsal process!

Jim Lund  (            952-486-3914       cell,             952-380-1995       home)

Did you think I forgot the list?  Here it is!  If for any reason you are not
able to accept your role, please let me know as soon as possible.

Gillian Barron  Cinderella's Stepmother
Ali Dorschner       Rapunzel
Shannon Dorschner       Cinderella's Mother
Shana Eisenberg       The Baker's Wife
Mathew Ferche  Cinderella's Prince
Wade Fields  The Baker
Kayla Hambek  Granny/The Giant
Bethany Jackson Cinderella
Brianna Keener  Lucinda
Alex Nelson  The Steward
Rachel Olson   Florinda
Travis Rother  Cinderella's Father
Anna Stauber Little Red Riding Hood
Caroline Swanson Jack's Mother
Mark Taintor The Wolf
Charlie Title   The Narrator/Mysterious Man
Dave Vandergriff     Milky White
Brendan Veerman Jack
Hayley Wender  The Witch
Michael Whalen  Rapunzel's Prince

Children playing birds, rabbits, horses, hens, etc.:

Lauryn Bolz
Victor Bolz
Zemek Callen
Ariel Crabtree
Willow Fields
Karsten Johnson
Courtney Olson
Clayton Phillips
Abe Stauber
Ellen Whalen

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Callback List for Into The Woods at CVFT

A very sincere “Thank You!” to everyone who auditioned!  By about the middle of Tuesday’s auditions I realized two things:  That the pool of local talent is OUTSTANDING (really – so many excellent auditions!)  and that it is also BIG.  There are many of you and a limited number of roles.  Please remember two things:  A spot on the callback list does not guarantee a role, and being missing from the callback list does not necessarily mean you will not be cast.  This is a small cast for a musical, so there are going to be many disappointments.  I apologize for that, but please do keep coming back to CVFT auditions!

The list follows.  The callbacks will take place on Friday at the CVFT warehouse (henceforth referred to as the “rehearsal studio” which sounds so much better!)  Callbacks will begin at 5:30 (to better accommodate those who can’t stay past 6:30) but if you can’t arrive until 6 that’s OK.  Callback materials and more information will arrive later today via email for those on the list.  If you have questions please feel free to email me at or call (after school hours) 952-380-1995.

Jim Lund

The CVFT Warehouse is located in the Chanhassen Lakes I Office Building at 1351-1365 Park Road in Chanhassen, Directly across from J&R Radiator and east of Gorilla Combat. 

The Baker’s Wife
Bethany Jackson
Hayley Wenber
Shana Eisenberg
Katie Lenius
The Baker
Jesse Wagner
Mark Taintor
Wade Fields
Bethany Jackson
Stephanie Simmons
Nikki Allen
Brendan Veerman
Travis Rother
Alex Nelson
Little Red Riding Hood
Anna Stauber
Brianna Keener
Rapunzel’s Prince
Andrew Alness
Jesse Wagner
Mark Taintor
Matthew Ferche
Alex Nelson
Michael Whalen
The Witch
Gillian Barron*
Hayley Wenber
Caroline Swanson
Shana Eisenberg
Cinderella’s Prince
Matthew Ferche
Jesse Wagner
Nikki Allen
Ali Dorschner
The Wolf
Mark Taintor
Michael Whalen