Monday, July 16, 2012

Get to Know Cinderella: Into the Woods

Hi, Gang!

I recently ran into Bethany Jackson who is playing the lovely Cinderella in the upcoming Chaska Valley Family Theater summer production of Into the Woods (btw -NOT to be missed). Bethany (below left) is new to the CVFT theater family but NOT to theater. She is a vocal performance major and theater minor at Northwestern College in St. Paul. This is the inside scoop...

Bethany Jackson/Cinderella at rehearsal (on left) 
with Anna Stauber/Little Red Riding Hood 

What does being a part CVFT mean to you? Why is it special?

Bethany/Cinderella: "I'm SO excited to FINALLY actually be in a CVFT show.... after years of seeing them, having friends involved, and hearing about it, I finally decided to audition and it has been somewhere between thirty and forty TIMES more fun than I thought it would be. This is an amazing group of people putting together a REALLY amazing, really challenging show.... there is something quite awesome and joy-filled about that, let me tell you."

Tell me about your character and what she would say about coming to the show.

Bethany/Cinderella:  "CInderella would say: "I just want everyone to be there! I want to see all my friends and make sure that everyone is included. If you don't come, my feelings might get hurt a little, but I guess I am used to it, so I probably won't yell at you....although I might complain sadly to my bird friends."

Other things we should know about you?
"I saw Chaska Valley Family Theater's Fiddler on the Roof 3 times because Ann Nelson was in it and I love her."

Any rehearsal funny stuff we should know about? 

"Oh, you know..... that one time when Dave Vandergriff was playing a female cow being milked for magic milk."

Dave/Milky White is see here (right) practicing with his arm crutches. I have seen him DANCE with those things...if I can get the video pulled together I will post. VERY impressive.

Show run is at the end of July - here is the link to reserve your seats... TIX

Hope to see you there! 

CVFT, Behind the Scenes Gal