Friday, October 26, 2012

BEHIND THE SCENES..."It's a Wonderful Life"

We snuck into rehearsal last night to see preparations underway for CVFT's upcoming holiday family musical - "It's a Wonderful Life". By this time I should not be surprised at the quality of talent that CVFT attracts, but I am. Every time. 

Last night more than 60 talented people (of all ages, sizes, and flavors) were on hand to rehearse "Harry's Comin' Home"...a little song and dance ditty that is sure to lift all spirits high. Not sure how many times they have practiced this number but it is already good!  We left the rehearsal anxiously awaiting the next time we could watch. 

Thanks to all for allowing us see behind the scenes. We just bought our tix for opening night!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Looking for Pit Musicians for "It's a Wonderful Life"

Looking for Pit Musicians for "It's a Wonderful Life"
  The following instruments are needed: Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Oboe/English Horn, Percussion, Strings.  If interested, please email Drew at  Thanks!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cast List Posted!

Thanks to everyone who auditioned for “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  We appreciate your time and talent.
Out all-cast meeting is MONDAY OCTOBER 8th starting at 6:30.  Details to follow.

Young George Bailey      George Mulder
Young Mary Hatch           Caroline Pernat
Young Sam                          Andrew Morton
Young Marty                      Piers Rimmeriede
Newsboy                             Callen Zemek
Zuzu Bailey                         Jane Kihne/Isabelle Erhart (shared performances)
Janie Bailey                         TBD
Pete Bailey                         William Pratt

Newsies Kids (Sing and dance featured part in “Harry’s Comin’ Home”):
Claire Shinners, Taler Mechtel, Hannah Seeman, Callen Zemek, Piers Rimmereide, Wesley Quist

Kids Chorus ( All listed above PLUS Sing in Prologue, Harry’s Comin Home, and finale – also will appear in misc townspeople scenes)
(Newsies Kids above plus the following): Owen Hasting, Clayton Mechtel, Dallin Pratt, Tad Williamson, Grace Arndt, Molly Maves, Katryn Rosenoff, Katie Marusich, Alyse DeLorenzo, Tea Spoaci Hardin, Elise Brown, Gianna Arthur, Stella Buselmier.

George Bailey                    Joel Peterson
Mary Hatch                         Nikki Allen
Sam Wainwright               Dobbs DeCorsey
Harry Bailey                        Guthrie Horgan
Henry Potter                      Mark Taintor
Peter Bailey                        Tom Keenan
Joseph, an angel              Bob Thomas
Clarence                              Ken Smith
Ernie                                      Tom Barnett
Bert                                       Dan Bergner
Mr Gower                           Ron Roeser
Ma Bailey                            Mari Beth Schulke
Uncle Billy                           John Matthews
Ruth Dakin Bailey             Tabitha Kerr
Violet Bick                           Bailey Murphy
Martini                                 Dan Witte

Adult Ensemble/Chorus Roles
Singing Trio                         (in “Harry’s Comin’ Home”):  Stefany Pratt, Robyn Chargo, Jennifer Sopoci Hardin
Mrs. Partridge                   Martha Keenan
Jane Wainwright              Anne Fleming
Randall                                 Mike Ellis
Tom                                       Reed Schulke
Reinemann                         Alan Kretzschmar
Ed                                           Arne Rimmeriede
Mrs. Hatch                          Cornell Ellison
Bank Teller                          Jenni Charrier
Mrs. Davis                           Jean Kretzschmar
Bank Deputy                      Jennifer Boothroyd
Mrs. Thompson                Stefany Pratt
Neighbors:                          Nancy Kizilos-Clift, Carol Thomas
Mrs Martini                        Robyn Chargo

Teen High School Dance/Chorus Roles (Also in Adult Ensemble if available)
Freddie                                Ryan Denker
Marty                                    Tristan Pratt
Sr Girls                                  Cassie Boothroyd, Ariel Crabtree, Jamie Kizilos-Clift
High school Dancers:      Kristen Matthews, Kayla Peters, Katlyn Powers, Lauryn Bolz, Katie Morton, Brandon Pratt, TJ Kegel