Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"The Music Man" Cast Conversations...

It has been such fun working on "The Music Man" this winter. We can't believe it is already opening week.....but we are more than ready. I saw the run last night and seriously got goosebumps. The song and dance numbers are fun, festive and filled with talent. I truly think you will be asking your seat mate, "You sure this is community theater?!"....Extraordinary performances indeed.

Over the weeks I have been chatting with the cast and crew, taking photos and such...thought you would find it interesting to learn a bit more about some of the "ordinary people" onstage and behind the scenes that make these shows come to life. Here is the first of several:

Bill Coldwell: CVFT Board of Director Chairman and  longtime CVFT performer, designer, director. This is his 29th show with CVFT! Set Design, for "The Music Man", and management of the construction is thanks to Bill. In addition, he has worked on the marketing team and has served tirelessly as the Producer's mentor. In his spare time he developed the quirky and always entertaining role of Marcellus. Song & dance numbers are not to be missed!
Day Job:    Donaldson Company, Bloomington
Why Theater?    “Everyone needs a hobby.”
Family Participation:  “My entire family participated in shows like The King and I, Joseph 2000, Annie, The Wizard of Oz & Peter Pan. I often wonder how we did it. My hat is off to all families who bring their younger kids to our productions.”
Why CVFT?  “My daughter made me do it.”
Pre-Show Rituals:   “…drink a lot of water.”
Other Show Responsibilities:   “Scenery design, construction and keeping the Producer in line!”
Community Involvement:   Science Museum Volunteer, MS 150 rider, E-mentor for Best Prep
Favorite Scene in the Show:   “Well, Shipoopi, of course!”

Bill Coldwell as Marcellus and Jennifer Sopoci-Harden as Ethel Toffelmier
in "The Music Man" -Chanhassen High School, March 1-10th, 2013

Tickets on sale now at Looking forward to seeing you there!

CVFT Member & Theater Lover