Friday, August 23, 2013

CVFT's Summer Camp News!

Chaska Valley Family Theater Presents: "About a Circus"
Above: Cast Week I (The show was great, guys!) 

The Big Top stage is set to go with a colorful and adorable cast of characters as Charlie Title has done it once again! Dragonfly, the much anticipated (and beloved) theatrical summer camp for kids, features the delightful and original musical, "About a Circus" written, scored and directed by Charlie himself.

Dragonfly is a week long adventure filled with learning and growing. Each session includes more than 25 participants who come from all over the southwestern Twin Cities to study with Charlie. The draw, for kids and parents alike, is the quality of the camp, Charlie himself (of course), his talented staff and the overall experience.

"We wait all year for this camp!", says part of the gang from Dragonfly Week II
Over the course of the week the group works on the auditioning process, blocking, character development, rehearsals, many Q&A sessions, warm-ups, painting sets, costumes, a theater tour plus all that song and dance stuff too. This, coupled with life lessons the theater naturally teaches (teamwork, humility, self esteem, etc., etc.) are yet another reason why the camp sells out so quickly each year... AND ultimately why Chaska Valley Family Theater was founded back in 1995 by a group of talented educators from the Carver County school district.

Charlie Title creating and painting a set piece.  
More than 18 years of quality community theater continues this weekend as Dragonfly's "About a Circus" is set to perform at the end the the week. To catch the show please join us at the Chaska Community Center Theater on Saturday, August 24th for the 1:30pm or 2:30pm performance. The shows are free of charge and are sure to entertain. 

One more thing....speaking of 18 years of fun-filled, family loving, quality, affordable live theater....did you hear?? Did you hear??? 
Auditions (Sept. 9 & 10 -Chanhassen HS) are right around the corner for this coming season. Need more info? Please check this out...Audition FAQs

Consider yourself more of a Backstage/Behind-the Scenes Essential instead? We want to hear from you too.
Volunteer Sign-Ups will begin during auditions as well. There are many opportunities for all ages, interests and talents. Please join us in helping create the next CVFT productions.

Looking forward to seeing you on stage, behind-the-scenes and/or in those seats!

CVFT Fan and Sometimes Chorus Member