Thursday, November 13, 2014

You've all heard the expression "it takes a village" as it relates to raising children, and I would say the same - or rather - "it takes an army" to stage a broadway-style community theater production like "A Christmas Carol - the Musical."  While the actors have been hard at work on stage with our choreographer Jen Sopoci-Hardin working on dances, and with Joan Nelson our musical director and Alice Title our accompanist fine tuning their songs, dozens of other "elves" have been working hard behind the scenes in anticipation of the start of "load in" and tech week.

Just to give you a few examples......over the past several weekends, a group of dedicated folks like Tom Stauber, Jack Atkins, Andy Turner, and Randy Herget have been busy constructing numerous pieces that will be assembled next week on stage.....some painters, like Amy Huang, Charlie Title, and Margaret Coldwell have been sloshing on the first coat of paint....Props have been gathered or made by Elizabeth Studenski, and well over 100 costumes have been assembled by Jane Herget, Mary Twite and others which will be distributed next week.

Andrew Hasty has been busy rehearsing 20+ musicians that will make up the pit orchestra, and Katie Spille, Stage Manager, has been planning and scheduling backstage crews to be ready when we hit the stage at Chaska High School next week.  Speaking of which, all that prior rehearsal scheduleing and move in planning has been scheduled and coordinated by Karen Stauber.  And Jon Christenson has a great lighting plot all set to go when we program light cues starting next week.

Who's going to come and see this show?  Well, no one would if it weren't for the efforts of people like Dianne Standberg, Heather Brands, and Tom Stauber who have been busy gather sponsors, coordinating news articles for local papers, and getting postcards, posters, and other advertising out there.  Selling those tickets takes time and patience, and our box office manager Joyce Hercules and Treasurer Courtney Pernat have been busy making sure all ticketing systems are set up and working properly and answering phone calls from ticket-buyers.  Margaret Coldwell, our Hospitality Manager is geting ushers and others lined up to greet our patrons when they arrive.  And after a great opening night, our cast will have several fun post-show parties and events, thanks to our cast mnager, Jenny Boothroyd.

There are many others who are business and community partners that help to make our producition possible.  All in all, over 200 people will have helped in some way or another to make sure we bring you the highest quality, amateur, community-based production possible.  And that, folks, is no small feat.  It really does...take a village.

Break a leg,

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